Timestock Exchange Markets

When you create your own webliving-savings by datevaluation of 10€ parcels, you get a time counter on each of yours Owndated Webquantums.
In Economy 4G3W, savings are alive and all quantums are looking for production factors all around the web.

It is a predictive enterprise the time exchange treatment for bid and ask on time-savings market to deal time and capital gains from ownership of Personalized-Webliving-Savings. If it's time to deal time, it's time for time treatment enterprises.

The T.O.M. Timestock Owndated Market is coming soon.


#Kmers predictions trusting on predictive reorganisations

At the wave, all smart brains have to put on encoding the reorganization of our financial system.
Who has the solution to resolve money issues to push folks wellbeing ?

We are proposing the launch of the practice of investment's substitute, besides the classic investment, consumption actions and classic savings. Upgrading from 3 to 4 economic practices for overall economic result. Enlarging wealth culture into a new space. The Self-Marked-Own-Dated-Webspace. Letting folks making Gool-Bama-Cash personalized use to create added value. To resolve needs and wants. To resolve hopes.

#KMers have to feel on predictive #KMers enterprises upcoming on new financial system basis : then locate your Kmanagement on singular waves resulting.
For example : Do you beat on US Admnistration more or less revolutionary changes on taxing system for next tomorrow ? Yes because it may becomes in webcashmatic mode.


Generators causes of predictive enterprises

Before datevaluation and the Universocial Cash Economy,   then before illuminations on smart work thinking out of the box, it was not easy to feel causes and to imagine effects in new Economic Spaces for yielding wealth by the creation of predictive enterprises.

Now all accessible, the challenge is here for pioneers and creators. Are you jamming ?

Of course you have to excite your brain and open your soul giving CLO (Cash Link Opportunity) for investors/datevalors cement .


Giving folks a personal motor-for-savings

Launching the money datevaluation practice (the first investment's substitute) to upgrade the Classic Economy creating a new economic webspace (the Web_Cash_4G3W) for yielding wealth.

Giving folks the opportunity to link personal money parcels at Universocial_Sovereign_Anchor in cashkeeping free cashput=cashcall conditions.

Getting personalized webliving-savings into dynamic webcashmatic plusvalues accounts with universocial connection to share daily multiplied cash results.


Predictive Fed's new role

The CEA's (Council of Economic Advisors) adoption of the Gool-Bama-Cash financial solution will change FMI's role because genesis content of Economy 4G3W fun-d-mentals.

It is predictive that FED's resolves new regulations on pipes structure to controle unlimited quantities of credit facilities contained in webliving-savings in property asset and just associated with web_living_currency for datevalors use.

Now that we know how to resolve Classic's Economy crisis, it's time to arrange predictive new admnistrations roles. For wellbeing. For Peace.

Predictives Enterprises in 4G3W incubation

Some collateral results from the Gool-Bama-Cash financial recipe may be the predictives entreprise treating opportunities on the upgraded Economy 4G3W.

The matter as a place for open collaboration at this blog or more closed at Ittoolbox BI Research.WUW-Team-4G3W is sowing in lands for results like :

#. Material production for performance managers in 4G3W space ;
##. Proven Strategies for 4G3W derivations into Higher Business Performance ;
###. Creators of 4G3W aggregators.

More than an investment's substitute the money datevaluation allows unlimited possibilities for commercial banks ability in sources to finance enterprises with Per-T-Cap (Personal_Tagvaporated_ Capital).